Stones that give emotions


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Turning a stone into a matter of love is a thrilling job and that is what the gemmologists from Casavola Gioielleria Noci do with care and accuracy. From raw materials, they shape jewels which communicate and enchant.

Diamonds are the best shining and exclusive expression of jewels.

Casavola Gioielleria Noci has worked with accuracy in this sector for years and has transformed raw diamonds into treasures every woman would wear.

Each jewel coming from Casavola Gioielleria Noci has an official manifacturer warranty. Diamond’s colour, pureness, cut and value are guaranteed by the most prestigious International gemmological institutes:

GIA(Gemological Institute of America)
IGI (International Gemological Institute)
HRD Diamond Certificate

This certificate ensures the customer about the purchase and does not expose him to any risks.

Dario and Fabio have obtained a degree as GIA Gemmologists (Gemmological Institute of America) and they offer their best advice with passion. Moreover, they wisely choose the current trends of different styles that the market offers.

The of Casavola diamonds

In observance of the GIA’s criteria, Casavola Gioielleria Noci works according to the universal 4 Cs  method to check every diamond’s quality, as done all over the world. These standards allow the customer to know exactly what they are purchasing.

Le 4C - Colore


Casavola Gioielleria Noci selects only the most pure and rare diamonds. The chromatic excellence is an essential value. The Classification scale, following the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, starts from D which stands for colourless diamonds to Z which means intense colour diamonds.


Casavola Gioielleria Noci selects only perfect gems. The clarity criterion underlines the presence, number and the size of natural imperfections that identify each stone. The clarity chart consists of eleven grades.

Le 4C - Purezza
Le 4C - Taglio


The diamond shape, which is obtained from the cut, gives more value to the stone. There are many diamond shapes but the most popular cut is the rounded o shining one, obtained from the masters of cut’s ability to make different faces on raw diamond’s surface in order to provide better shapes and qualities.

Carats weight

Casavola Gioielleria Noci offers different diamonds’ carat according to the diamonds’ weight.

A carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams.

Le 4C - Peso carati


Casavola Gioielleria Noci’s diamonds are certified and guaranteed as our customers, who purchase or gift a diamond, have to be satisfied. Every diamond is matched with a GIA certificate that identifies it and makes it unique.


When you say “A diamond is forever” it means that the diamond’s value is endless. Casavola Gioielleria Noci’s gemmologists can examine diamonds for their customers.


To set a diamond is a very accurate job that is made with expertise and passion by Casavola’s Jewellery gemmologists. Realizing a tailored Jewel is a miracle that has happened every day in Casavola’s Jewellery Lab for decades.

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