Passion for excellence

Our history

Passion for excellence

Since 1882 Casavola Gioielleria Noci has fulfilled the most sparkling dreams, offering precious emotions to those who love unique jewels. The new Casavola gemmologist generation, represented by the brothers Dario and Fabio, proudly fosters this passion.

Care of details, professional advice and commitment towards our customers

These are the values on which the company has built a special relationship with its customers throughout the years.

The daily commitment in the culture of watchmaking and high jewellery, within the continuous improvement of crafting techniques, comes out creating unique masterpieces.

From generation to generation, passion has led Casavola Gioielleria Noci’s heirs to the pursuit of excellence. Dario and Fabio, the young company faces, keep the success of their family alive thanks to the achievement of specific high-standard qualifications.

Gemmologi Casavola Noci nella lavorazione dei preziosi
Certificato GIA

Keeping up with the times, Casavola Gioielleria Noci selects gems with care and constantly looks for the best fashionable collections.

Casavola’s Jewels has made the history
and they will continue to do so,
enriching the present time, realizing the most shining customers’ dreams.

To reach their customers wherever they are, Casavola has designed an e-commerce where you can find jewels, smartwatches, watches and precious artefacts.

Among the pages of this shop you will get lost, dreaming of wearing  high quality jewellery pieces. With affordable offers and the best guarantees, you have nothing to fear.

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