How to take care of every Jewel


How to take care of every Jewel

When you truly care about something, you look after it and protect it to preserve it as much as possible. This is what Casavola Gioielleria Noci does every day for every single jewel, taking care of each individual stone through the most experienced hands so that they can keep their glory.

Casavola’s Jewelry experts offer their service in  4, Via Leonardo Da Vinci, Noci, Italy. Here, you will find a wide and up-to-date range of jewels, watches and accessories carefully chosen in order to provide customers with the most exclusive and glamorous brands.

Utensili per gioiellieri
Controllo qualità dei diamanti Casavola Noci

The Jewellery store is also proud of its own well equipped Lab, where creativity meets technique, aiming for perfection: the true goal is to preserve and keep every treasure’s value intact during the years, through maintenance and repairing services. When creativity takes the lead, priceless and beautiful handmade creations are born, guaranteed by the proven competence of the team.

Casavola’s experts cover even the smallest and simplest treasure of a
new affective value and they stand as witnesses of everlasting memory


Casavola Gioielleria Noci has the tools to find out which is the best jewel that represents the customer’s personality the most and to fulfil his or her deepest desire. Based on suggestions, our experts give life to tailored creations, they recommend you the best materials, turning every doubt into a shining belief.  In case of repairing or jewels’ overhaul, Casavola takes part recommending you the most efficient solutions to restore beauty and functionality.


Even the simplest jewel can gain value, overall affective value, with gentle engravings which will turn it into a heart’s memory. A date, a name or a phrase can be impressed on your old or new one jewel. Customization can be hand-made by our experts, based on a pre-granted idea. We create customized wedding rings, a seal of love between a couple or newlyweds, a romantic gift to share, sign of a long bright future.


Disassembling a watch and bringing it back to life is an adventure. The mechanics models particularly need a periodic check that allows the watch to carry out its tasks with accuracy and prevents any kind of damage to small parts. A full review throughout its parts, lubricating and preserving its mechanical characteristics are fundamental technical steps for those who want to preserve the value of their own watches through the years. From the simple battery replacement to the best and accurate cleaning, Casavola leaves nothing to chance.


Stones and settings, pearls, gems and treasures. Every jewel can be brought to its original glory thanks to suitable repair. And doing so the object’s value is preserved and the jewel comes back to charm with its ancient and overwhelming light. The high-qualified team in gems evaluation guarantees the jewel to be always perfect and in observance to the International standards. A six-months periodic review allows to prevent problems and to fix any faults quickly which would otherwise compromise the elements’ functionality over the time.