Our history

Passion for excellence

Since 1882 Casavola Gioielleria Noci has fulfilled the most sparkling dreams, offering precious emotions to those who love unique jewels. The new Casavola gemmologist generation, represented by the brothers Dario and Fabio, proudly fosters this passion.


Tailored to your desires

Making a new jewel is like creating a masterpiece that will last forever communicating something different at every glance. Pursuing perfection, using the most pure and precious gems, has been the only purpose of Casavola Gioielleria Noci for decades.


Stones that give emotions

Turning a stone into a matter of love is a thrilling job and that is what the gemmologists from Casavola Gioielleria Noci do with care and accuracy. From raw materials, they shape jewels which communicate and enchant.


Best brand collections

When a dream comes true, it turns into pure joy. Casavola Gioielleria Noci gives shape to your dreams offering the best brand collections on the market. On our e-shop you can find the most famous brands collections of watches and jewels.


How to take care of every Jewel

When you truly care about something, you look after it and protect it to preserve it as much as possible. This is what Casavola Gioielleria Noci does every day for every single jewel, taking care of each individual stone through the most experienced hands so that they can keep their glory.


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If you are looking for professionalism and expertise in the jewellery industry you are in the right place. Casavola Gioielleria Noci is what you need! Contact us for a quote or just for more infomation