Tailored to your desires


Tailored to your desires

Making a new jewel is like creating a masterpiece that will last forever communicating something different at every glance. Pursuing perfection, using the most pure and precious gems, has been the only purpose of Casavola Gioielleria Noci for decades.

Tailored Jewels, made just for you

Creating something new is a priceless feeling you can experience giving shape to the desire you longed for, letting it shine of its own light.

From the drawing to the final jewel, Casavola Gioielleria Noci’s gemmologists can give life to high-quality jewels, with the most beautiful gems.

Handmade quality and skills meet the innovating capacity to create exclusive tailored models. Customised rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings of immeasurable value.

In their Lab, the gemmologists’ creativity takes life through experimentations, turning every desire into precious creations that will last over time. The colours, shapes, details and personalized engravings match graciously one with the other to live up to you style and shine elegantly as only Casavola jewels can do since 1882.

Each stone, a thrill

Wearing something exclusive to feel beautiful. In Casavola Gioielleria Noci’s Lab everything starts from an idea, to realize something shiny and harmonious. Jewels are like clothes and as a precious dress, they shine of different colours according to the stones on them. All our creations are as rare as the stones on them. They represent a long-lasting story which starts from when those stones were forged till today and goes on representing special moments. Casavola’s jewel masters are always looking for the best raw materials in order to design perfect jewels.

Your dream comes to life

Do you have an idea you really want to realise? Are you looking for a unique gift? Tell us about your idea and we will make it real, just as you want it!